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Concept for
a Holo-lens

Imagining how terrifying dinosaurs were can be scary but also stunning. Watching it run past you, feeling its immense presence. Using a Holo-lens, it’s possible to get a sense of just how big and powerful dinosaurs were. A Holo-lens is able to make the impossible a virtual reality. You can bring museum animals back to life, and choose the information you want to learn about them. Through the lens, you get an incredible experience – explore the anatomy of a King Penguin, or learn about what makes the polar bear such a fearsome land predator. All the information is at your fingertips, and the headphones are integrated into the Holo-lens, so a soothing voice provides the information in the background. You don’t have to worry about reading anything.

In Progress

I had two other colleagues on this project. Our biggest challenge was to figure out how to deal with live animals. We knew that other animals had been chosen through eyetracking: once the lens recognizes what the visitor is looking at, a countdown starts. When time elapses and the viewer is still looking at the same animal, it automatically is chosen and the user is able to see the animal’s menu. But if the animal was still alive, like a fish, it moves, making it hard for the lens to choose the correct species without irritating the viewer by starting too many countdowns and their resulting pop-ups. We came to the conclusion that nothing is initiated during the first second of focus. If the lens recognizes after a full second that the visitor is still focusing the same animal, the countdown begins.

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