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The year is 2525: the air is extremely polluted, and as a consequence nobody is able to go outdoors. In order to sustain life, our company PFLUXUS offers oxygen bottles that periodically spray O2 into the room. Consumers who use the bottles are charged in accordance with the quantity of air used. The smart bottle ‘PFLUXUS aër’ recognizes the oxygen deficiency and automatically sprays a sufficient amount to replenish the O2 levels in the space.

In Progress

The assignment: It’s the year 2525 and your luxury product is air. Create a Corporate Design using ‘lemonaid’ bottles filled with air. My concept came to me quickly. I thought about the air-quality situation in large, industrious countries like China, where high pollution is affecting the lives of its citizens.

The challenge here was to create a matching logo. My inspiration was an octahedron which is a symbol for air. I wanted to make it appear ‘light’, just like air is. I also wanted it to have the same ‘spray’ characteristic that the bottles themselves have. And a smart product needs a smart logo, so I wanted the logo to display the bottle’s filling capability. The result is half of an octahedron that opens up at the top and is animated in different styles.

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