The smart basket

An intelligent solution against food waste.

Sensist is a sensorized product with IoT (Internet of Things). The premise is that the supermarket’s baskets on the shelves (e.g. filled with fruit) have sensors that record the products’ value. This information is then saved in a cloud which is connected to digital price tags from the products. Once the products’ value changes over time (the fruit ripens, the bread becomes stale etc.), the prices automatically go down. Consequently more people will buy the cheaper products instead of newer ones. For subscribing users, the consumer will receive a notification on their app, with the option for pick up or delivering service. Overall this drastically reduces leftovers, and those that do exist can be picked up by the food bank to limit waste.

First ideas


Originally I had two concepts. Due to the high food waste caused by consumers my idea was that not only supermarket’s baskets have sensors but the products themselves. Therefore the information about the product at home in the fridge is send to the consumer’s phone but also visually recognizable by changing its colour if it’s going bad. Indeed that would cause lots of electronic garbage by implanting sensors to every packaged product.