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Title Sequence Inception

Dreams are weird. They feel so real. One minute you’re falling, falling, falling…and then you jolt awake! It takes a few seconds to realize that you had been dreaming – you’re safe. Sometimes it feels so real that you can’t tell if you’re dreaming or not. Even though dreams are crazy, somehow they always make sense when you’re in the middle of one. Dreams have their own rules. 

In Progress

The assignment for this project was to design a title sequence for a movie or book of our choosing. I’ve always been fascinated by dreams, and the movie Inception combined the complexity of dreams with a box office thriller. The challenge was to imitate the mood of the movie: mysterious, captivating, and just enough to make you a little uneasy. The aim of the title sequence is to draw the audience in, while giving them a brief glimpse of what to expect when they watch the movie.

Furthermore, I made sure to include the main themes of the movie by using metaphors and pictures. Suspense increases as the music quickens. The deeper you are in a level the faster the music gets. The trickiest part for me was combining 2D elements with 3D elements. The transitions should be smooth. The title sequence is built out of impossible images, like the Penrose stairs or the Droste effect. A picture in a picture in a picture. A dream within a dream within a dream. Different stages within a dream. The higher the stage, the faster time flies by. What happens when you plant a thought and are finally able to escape from the maze?

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